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The Hands-Free Smartphone App provided in association with England’s Highways Agency. It streams Highways Agency alerts that are within range of where you are driving.

HFT England premiered just in time for the July 2012’s Olympic Games. Residents and visitors who use the app receive location-specific travel advisories not only for London, but for all roadways in England reported by the Highways Agency. Advisories broadcast to your smartphone report traveling conditions that may impact your drive, since you will hear information only for conditions that are near where you are driving.


You don't need to register or sign up anywhere for anything. The app uses the phone's built in GPS to stream nearby alerts. Turn it on before you leave and it will start talking when you are getting near to a roadway problem. Alerts may pause when you are on the phone, and pick up where they left off when you finish.



How it Works

Start the application before starting your trip. You will hear active Highways Agency advisories that are within your range. Now put down the phone and focus on driving. There is nothing you need to touch on the phone, and nothing you need to read on the phone.


The app runs in the phone’s background, but remains quiet until your vehicle approaches an area where there is a reported travel advisory. The phone then automatically “broadcasts” the report of conditions without any interaction. When the advisory is finished, the app goes silent and again fades into the phone’s background. The screen will also go dark, even though relevant advisories will continue to play as they come in range.


As you travel along a Highways Agency roadway, the app announces any update to a previous advisory or any new advisory that comes within range. The only advisories broadcast are the ones relevant to your route as it unfolds. The HFT England app is like your own “custom radio station”, automatically announcing only those traffic alerts relevant to the time and path of your particular journey.



User Modifications Features/ Experience

You can modify several options. These configurations are saved on your phone.

  • the advisory replay interval
  • the range (in miles) for hearing advisories

The application gives you audio player controls for Play, Pause, Stop, Skip, and Replay Current.


At any time you can turn off the phone GPS. If you do, the app will try to estimate what advisories to broadcast to you. You can also turn off the GPS from within the app, and then advisories will stop playing.


You may also view nearby advisories on an Advisory Map. Please do not view the map while driving.


You do not need to register with us or with the Highways Agency to use this app or to get these alerts. We don’t get or record and identifying information about you or your phone. If you want, you can elect to “Opt In” and send us back some anonymous travel information for statistical reporting, but it is not required, and is set to “opt-out” by default.


And please remember; do not ever use your mobile phone while driving.



The Technology

The application is based upon a patent-pending "Open Microphone Platform" which is a queue-driven, voice-streaming technology used in combination with your phone's built-in GPS. The data for the system is the Highways Agency’s travel advisory data.


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